Mr. and Mrs. Fitch - Off-Broadway

John Lithgow and Jennifer Ehle star in a new comedy from Douglas Carter Beane.


What Is the Story of Mr. and Mrs. Fitch?
For years, Mr. Fitch has been considered gossip royalty. He and his wordsmith wife’s reputation was built on documenting the rises, falls, exploits and dalliances of the famous in a gossip column of a major publication. In recent months, however, Mr. and Mrs. Fitch have found their celebrity juice running low, drained by an onslaught of bloggers and other amateurs. Desperate for a scoop and delirious from a night of fruitless party-hopping, the duo takes creative license to meet a deadline—namely, creating a fictional celebrity from thin air. When their phantom “it” boy takes on a life of his own, Mr. and Mrs. Fitch get a lesson in fame gaming—and may have to admit that the party is over.

Should I See It?

What Is Mr. and Mrs. Fitch Like?
Mr. and Mrs. Fitch is a high-brow comedy that dresses potentially low-brow subject matter in a tuxedo. Its loquacious title stars, both writers pandering to the masses despite dreams of literary greatness, are far more likely to be found holding a copy of Ulysses than Us Magazine, and their banter has flashes of Noel Coward’s sensibility. For all its farcical potential, the two-hander leaves door-slamming to other comedies, reaching for a nostalgic style that aims to tickle minds as well as funny bones.

Is A Mr. and Mrs. Fitch Good for Kids?
While no one should miss out on a John Lithgow stage appearance, Mr. and Mrs. Fitch is decidedly geared toward adults. As wordy as they are, the show’s stars still reach for expletives every so often. This commentary on social media and obsession with celebrity will be lost on those too young to read The New York Times. On the other hand, mature teens with a passion for media will likely find it amusing.

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