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Nobody Loves You - Off-Broadway


What Is the Story of Nobody Loves You?
The lighthearted musical tells the story of Jeff, a graduate student studying philosophy who loathes reality TV shows. His girlfriend, Tanya, on the other hand, is obsessed with them. Her show of choice is Nobody Loves You, a reality dating show in which singles compete for a chance at romance. When Tanya breaks up with Jeff and auditions for the show, Jeff sends in an audition video in an attempt to win her back. When Jeff is picked but Tanya isn’t, he decides to stay on the show and study the interactions between the participants for his dissertation. Surrounded by lovesick contestants, a cheesy host, and forced to live in a house with a “Jell-O Room” and a “Pillow Fight Room,” Jeff finds love in an unlikely place…but will he be loved in return?

Should I See It?

What Is Nobody Loves You Like?
Featuring a small and versatile ensemble cast (most of whom play more than one character), Nobody Loves You is a silly send-up of reality TV shows, featuring sexy athletic challenges and an elimination round in which contestants give the object of their desire a mix CD on a necklace. Mark Wendland’s set transforms between Jeff’s living room and a TV studio, complete with video cameras, cheesy reality show lighting and of course, a hot tub. At 90 minutes with no intermission, Nobody Loves You is a satirical musical comedy that’s as much of a guilty pleasure as your favorite reality show.

Is Nobody Loves You Good For Kids?
If you wouldn’t let your kids watch reality TV shows like The Bachelor and Big Brother, this musical is probably not for them. Older teens (especially if they’re reality TV fans) will get a kick out of the production.