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The Normal Heart - Broadway

Larry Kramer's 1985 AIDS drama makes its Broadway premiere.


What Is the Story of The Normal Heart?
The Normal Heart centers on Ned Weeks, a gay writer who finds himself at the forefront of the fight against AIDS at a time when the disease was so terrifyingly, new it didn’t even have a name. As more and more of his friends fall ill, Ned does his best to rally support for the cause all while finding love with his own partner, Felix, and raging against institutions of media, medicine and government that seem determined to ignore him.

Should I See It?

What Is The Normal Heart Like?
Though the subject matter is weighty, The Normal Heartis far from didactic and has moments that range from laugh-out-loud funny to utterly heartbreaking. It is a true ensemble piece, and the central figure of Ned Weeks is beautifully supported by the rest of the characters involved in this story, from his friends and lover to a doctor searching for a cure and a brother searching for a way to accept him.

Is The Normal Heart Good for Kids?
While the messages of love and acceptance in The Normal Heart and its frank discussion of tolerance issues that still exist in our country are acceptable for mature teens, the sexuality and colorful language rule it out for the younger set. Leave the little ones at home, and be sure that teenagers are prepared for the heavy topics involved.