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Old-Fashioned Prostitutes (A True Romance) - Off-Broadway

The Public Theater presents avant-garde theater maker Richard Foreman's new work.


What Is the Story of Old-Fashioned Prostitutes?
Old-Fashioned Prostitutes provides the audience with snapshots from the memory of Samuel, who becomes enamored by an elusive coquette named Suzie. However, the show does not tell a linear story, and it is up to audience members to interpret the plot as they see fit.

Should I See It?

What Is Old-Fashioned Prostitutes Like?
Following avant-garde master Richard Foreman’s signature style, Old-Fashioned Prostitutes features a non-linear plot, enigmatic dialogue and various non sequiturs that combine to create an “expressionistic chamber-play,” as it is billed. The play is challenging to the notion of traditional theater, so be prepared for a fascinating ride!

Is Old-Fashioned Prostitutes Good for Kids?
Considering that many adults find themselves puzzled at the show, it’s best to leave the kids at home for this mystifying Foreman outing.