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The Old Friends - Off-Broadway

Signature Theatre Company presents the world premiere of Horton Foote's drama.


What Is the Story of The Old Friends?
Set in Texas in 1965, The Old Friends tells the story of two well-to-do farming families who have gathered at elderly matriarch Mamie Borden’s house to welcome her son Hugo and daughter-in-law Sybil back from Venezuela. Rich socialite Gertrude Hayhurst Sylvester Ratliff and her new husband Howard are among the guests, but Gertrude is more interested in having a drink at the party next door than waiting for Hugo and Sybil. When Sybil finally arrives, alone, she reveals distressing news and announces that she’s moving back home. As she makes arrangements to rent a house from Gertrude, Sybil reconnects with Howard, who is her ex-fiance. Sybil finds solace in Howard’s friendship, but Gertrude begins to act out, making life increasingly difficult for Sybil. As Gertrude and Sybil argue, generations of family feuds, disagreements and resentments rise to the surface.

Should I See It?

What Is The Old Friends Like?
Written by prolific late playwright Horton Foote, The Old Friends is a never-before-seen drama featuring a star-studded ensemble cast, many of whom worked closely with Foote throughout his career. The production, which is darker and more humorous than the work Foote is typically known for, is masterfully directed by Michael Wilson, one of the premiere interpreters of the playwright’s work. The Signature Theatre Company world premiere features stately sets by Jeff Cowie and elegant costumes by David C. Woolard, creating a lush, vibrant production that is not to be missed.

Is The Old Friends Good For Kids?
Aside from some mild violence and alcohol use, The Old Friends is isn't inappropriate for children, but kids aren’t likely to connect to the characters or the story of this play. Getting younger children to sit still for the production clocking in at two hours and 20 minutes, may be a difficult task—older teens, however, might enjoy the production.