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The Rap Guide to Evolution TICKETS - Off-Broadway

The Rap Guide to Evolution

— Baba Brinkman uses hip-hop to tell the tale of evolution in this unique one-man show.


The Rap Guide to Evolution combines the wit, poetry and charisma of a great rapper with the accuracy and rigor of a scientific expert. Baba Brinkman uses hip-hop as a vehicle to communicate the facts of evolution while illuminating the origins and complexities of hip-hop culture with Darwin as the inspiration. Provocative, hilarious, intelligent and scientifically accurate, Brinkman performs his clever reworkings of popular rap singles as well as his own originals to illustrate natural selection, sexual selection, evolutionary psychology and more.

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What Is The Rap Guide to Evolution Like?
The Rap Guide to Evolution is a funny, high-energy and scientifically sound solo performance by Brinkman, backed up by an onstage DJ. Along with examples from rap music and rappers, the actor uses projections of images, graphs, and data, data, data to ...

The Rap Guide to Evolution Video


Soho Playhouse
15 Vandam Street New York, NY