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Spy: The Secret World of Espionage - Off-Broadway

An unparalleled collaboration between the CIA and the FBI!

Sorry, this show has closed.


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 Forget what you think you know about spies from movies and novels. This interactive new family friendly exhibit will take you beyond the Hollywood fiction and put you face to face with the secret truth that goes on behind the scenes: 

-Encounter real declassified gadgets revealed for the first time ever from the world's leading intelligence agencies
-Create your own disguises, alter your voice, and navigate laser beams 
-Experience the evolution of spy technology with over 200 historical artifacts, including a collapsible motorbike from WW2, a German ENIGMA machine, and the ice axe that killed Trotsky 

You've always wondered - now you no longer have to. Discover the never-before-seen tools and ideas that have shaped the course of history as we know it. No fiction can compare.