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Talley's Folly - Off-Broadway

Danny Burstein and Sarah Paulson star in the off-Broadway revival of Lanford Wilson's comedy.


What Is the Story of Talley’s Folly?
Set at the end of World War II, Talley’s Folly tells the story of a Jewish accountant named Matt Friedman who shows up unannounced at the Missouri home Sally Talley, with whom he shared a summer romance. Matt is determined to rekindle his relationship with Sally, who resists her heart because of her family’s opinion and her own deep secret.

Should I See It?

What Is Talley’s Folly Like?
Lanford Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play manages to bring a gentle romance to vibrant life. With a brisk 97-minute running time and a gorgeous boathouse set (the "folly" of the title) that bursts off the stage, Talley’s Folly is a swift night at the theater boasting a pair of stellar performances from Danny Burstein and Sarah Paulson. Anyone who enjoys spectacular acting will walk away from this sweet love story with nothing but a smile.

Is Talley’s Folly Good for Kids?
Talley’s Folly is short and sweet, but may not be thematically appropriate nor entertaining for children under the age of 13.