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39 Steps - Off-Broadway

A hilarious whodunit based on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic original film.


A madcap stage adaptation of the famed 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film (and John Buchnan novel) of the same title, 39 Steps trails unsuspecting Englishman Richard Hannay as he is inadvertently drawn into an elaborate plot by a dark and beautiful female spy. When the same woman is mysteriously murdered in Hannay’s apartment, he must flee the country in an attempt to save his own life from her diabolical pursuers. On the lam from both the pursuing authorities and a team of assassins sent to kill him before he discovers the meaning of the puzzling “39 Steps,” Hannay is met by an outrageous cast of characters, from suspicious Scotsmen to an evil professor to an innocent female companion (with a temper). A whirlwind adventure, 39 Steps pays homage to Hitchcock and the classic film mysteries with an unapologetic, tongue-in-cheek flair that has won over audiences on Broadway, London and around the world. 

Should I See It?

What is 39 Steps Like?
An inventive comedy, the show moves along at breakneck speed, winding audiences through wild chases, narrow escapes and outright silly detours in the European countryside. With great care never to take itself seriously, the show features a cast of four performers playing over 150 roles, acting as stars, set pieces and special effects magicians all at once—with hilarious results. A true gem for fans of Alfred Hitchcock and old movies in general, the play also appeals to more modern audiences with its creativity and ironic fun.

Is 39 Steps Good for Kids?
Set amidst international espionage and assassinations, 39 Steps has a few passing scares: gunshots, dead bodies and one very mildly suggestive adult situation. However, given the ridiculousness of most scenes and the fact that “dead” actors inevitably rise to play new characters seconds later, the risk of scaring younger theatergoers is low, though loud noises and some jokes may be inappropriate for your tiniest tots. While the show will inevitably appeal to audiences familiar with whodunits and old flicks, mature tweens and up will find plenty to laugh at as well.

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39 Steps – Off-Broadway

A hilarious whodunit based on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic original film.

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