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The Tutors - Off-Broadway

Poster for The Tutors

Sorry, this show has closed.

Playing At

McGinn/Cazale Theatre 2162 Broadway #4
New York, NY

Important Dates

Preview may 22, 2013
Opening jun 05, 2013
Closing jun 23, 2013




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No one dreams of being a tutor: just ask Heidi, Toby and Joe. While catering to the offspring of New York elite has forced them to confront the anticlimax of adulthood, these roommates are not ready to give up on their social networking startup – just yet. When Heidi’s online editing begins to invade her subconscious and a student crosses the line, all three friends might be in over their heads. 

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What Is The Tutors Like?
The Tutors is set almost entirely in the cluttered three-bedroom apartment Joe, Heidi and Toby share. As Milo finds more and more excuses to show up unannounced, Heidi withdraws into her own world, creating an imaginary version of her overseas student, Kwan, that becomes her ...

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McGinn/Cazale Theatre
2162 Broadway #4 New York, NY