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The Tutors - Off-Broadway

Sorry, this show has closed.


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What Is the Story of The Tutors?
Set in New York City in 2007, this new comedy by Erica Lipez tells the story of Joe, Heidi and Toby, three twentysomething roommates who run a fledgling social networking website, (not to be confused with that other site…you know, the one that starts with “F” and ends with “book”). While waiting for their hard work to pay off, the roommates take side jobs as tutors, editing college admissions essays to pay the rent on their cramped, cluttered apartment. While Toby and Joe face off against Milo, a manipulative and lonely prep schooler, Heidi falls in love with an overseas student she tutors online but has never met face-to-face. When Milo infiltrates himself into the roommates’ lives and Heidi’s crush moves to New York, the friends must decide whether to continue trying to make their dream a reality, or put the website on hold.

Should I See It?

What Is The Tutors Like?
The Tutors is set almost entirely in the cluttered three-bedroom apartment Joe, Heidi and Toby share. As Milo finds more and more excuses to show up unannounced, Heidi withdraws into her own world, creating an imaginary version of her overseas student, Kwan, that becomes her best friend, lover and confidante. Personalities clash, secrets are revealed and tensions run high, making the cramped apartment feel even more stifling. With a funny, bittersweet script by Erica Lipez, The Tutors explores the limbo between childhood and adulthood and the struggle to connect in the Internet age.

Is The Tutors Good For Kids?
No. F-bombs abound in The Tutors. There’s also plenty of drug and alcohol use and an under-the-covers sex scene. Older teens interested in social media and computers might enjoy The Tutors, but the three roommates in Erica Lipez’s comedy aren’t exactly the best role models.