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Broadway Classroom Workshops

Classroom workshops provides professional level training in the musical theatre arts for promising young artists by affording them the opportunity to study with current Broadway performers.

  • Acting Audition

    Acting Audition

    Learn the importance of first impressions.

  • Acting Shakespeare

    Students will have the opportunity of participating in group acting exercises as well as volunteering for individual activities that make Shakespeare fun!

  • Broadway 101

    Broadway 101

    This is the perfect introduction to Broadway, basic theatre, and creativity skills for students recently introduced to Broadway and theatre in general.

  • Broadway Close Up

    Broadway Close Up

    An hour-long talk back with two Broadway professionals.

  • Business of the Business

    Business of the Business

    Learn the business skills needed for a successful Broadway career or the many aspects of putting on a show.

  • Improvisation


    Interactive games focusing on team building and listening.

  • Making a Scene

    Making a Scene

    Prepare a scene and receive critique on character development and acting choices.

  • Making Music

    Making Music

    Choral and vocal groups learn to marry music and drama to achieve greater emotional impact.

  • Musical Theatre Song and Movement

    Musical Theatre Song and Movement

    Learn the music, choreography and staging from a current Broadway musical.

  • Open Call

    Open Call

    Go through the Broadway auditioning process!

  • Stage Combat

    Stage Combat

    Enact the basic movements of simulated stage combat and learn safety and collaboration for pulling off a thrilling fight scene.

  • Stage Make-Up

    Stage Make-Up

    Understand the secrets of make-up application and effects-rendering.

  • Step By Step

    Step By Step

    Learn the choreography from a current show or work on a particular dance style.

  • The Art of the Quick Change

    Our newest workshop puts you right in the middle of a quick change.

  • The Power of Me: The Anti-Bullying Workshop

    Using theatre and drama activities, this workshop establishes a safe, invigorating and positive environment.

  • Up Close and Personal

    Up Close and Personal

    An hour-long talkback with a Broadway performer

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