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The Art of the Quick Change

Your group will have the chance to learn how Broadway professionals have only seconds to change costumes for a quick scene change. Everyone will have the opportunity to see this quick change happen and then volunteers will be able to take part in this session. Participants will learn how it takes many people on and off stage to keep a Broadway show moving. From lights, sound, music, costumes and set changing, a scene can go from a whole different setting in 30 seconds. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions about careers, costumes, set pieces, etc. A very exciting, interactive workshop!

Special details for this workshop: 
• Taught by a qualified teaching artist
• Content is not show-specific.
• Q&A with a Broadway performer.

• Group rate: $30/person
• Flat rate: $750
• Prices are subject to change. Please call Broadway Classroom for current rates.

Workshop pricing is based on a group of 25 or more. If less than 25, refer to the flat rate.

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