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Studio 54

An Act of God

This show has closed.

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An Act of God, Studio 54, NYC Show Poster
Studio 54

254 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019

1hr, 30mins
0 Intermissions
Important Dates
May 07, 2015
May 28, 2015
Aug 02, 2015
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A new play written by The Creator Himself.



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The new comedy An Act of God reveals the mysteries of the Bible while answering the existential questions that have plagued mankind since Creation — in just 90 minutes. The One with the first and last word on everything is on Broadway to set the record straight… and He's not holding back!

Critics’ Reviews

GOD BLESS JIM PARSONS! The sheer absurdity of the situation makes the offbeat humor tailor-made for Parsons, a master of the deadpan stare and droll comic delivery. “You’re just lucky I’m the Lord God,” he admonishes latecomers, “and not Patti LuPone.” Parsons is such a personable performer that he can hold the floor pretty much on his own, dazzling us with his chatty charm. But for the sake of drama, it’s a relief from pure monologue when the Archangel Michael (Christopher Fitzgerald) challenges the Lord God with tough questions, supposedly suggested by audience members.

Review by Marilyn Stasio from Variety

There aren’t many lies you can tell about God that organized religion hasn’t told already: He is loving; He rewards the faithful; He is a He; and the biggest crock of all—that He exists. And yet comedy writer David Javerbaum (formerly of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) finds new ways to make the Supreme Being his sock puppet in AN ACT OF GOD, this summer’s blithely blasphemous occupant at Studio 54. In this divine visitation from the Unmoved Mover, the always charming Jim Parsons will make a disbeliever out of you.

Review by David Cote from Time Out New York