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After Miss Julie

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After Miss Julie,, NYC Show Poster
90 minutes
No Intermission
Important Dates
Sep 18, 2009
Oct 22, 2009
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A new interpretation of August Strindberg's classic drama about class and sex transposes Miss Julie to the English countryside in 1945. Sequestered in her grandmother's country house on the eve of ...



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What Is the Story of After Miss Julie?
Adapted from playwright August Strindberg's 1880s classic Miss Julie, Patrick Marber’s After Miss Julie unfolds the torrid events that tear apart one aristocrat and two of her servants in 1940s Britain. On the eve of the Labour Party's historic win in 1945, the workers of an affluent man's country estate celebrate until dawn. Dancing and drinking alongside the hired help is the master's daughter, Miss Julie, who ia as volatile as she is beautiful. When Julie locks in on her father's chauffeur, John, a sexual game is set in motion right under the nose of the estate’s cook Christine, John's dutiful fiancée. As the dust settles, sex and lies reveal manipulations so damning the lives of all three will never be the same.

Critics’ Reviews

“Emotions run high in Patrick Marber’s supercharged version of August Strindberg’s Miss Julie. Sienna Miller looks sensational and gives a relentless, compelling performance. Jonny Lee Miller is pitch-perfect.”

Review by Michael Kuchwara from Associated Press

"Marin Ireland is brilliant."

Review by Elisabeth Vincentelli from New York Post

Frequently Asked Questions

What is After Miss Julie Like?
A tense examination of sex, class and gender, After Miss Julie is twisting, unpredictable drama which unapologetically welcomes its audience into the fray. A play where silence or a glare is as weighty as what is said aloud, the show reveals how much damage can be done over the course of a single night.

Is After Miss Julie Good for Kids?
In a word? No. While hardly pornographic, After Miss Julie's characters use sex for leverage, which is inappropriate for youngsters. Beyond the physical indiscretions (which, while they occur offstage, occasionally walk the line between rough and violent), the show's broader themes—specifically class and gender wars—are subjects best understood by a more mature audience. Bad language also crops up, as one would expect from a show whose lovers spend more time systematically disassembling each other than whispering sweet nothings.