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Altar Boyz - Off-Broadway

With angelic voices and sinfully spectacular dancing, this touching story is destined to rock the masses!

All Aboard the Altar Van!

Photo Op - Altar Boyz New Van - guys on van
The Altar Boyz, ready to roll.

About This Gallery

In keeping with the lyric "You know we're comin' to your town," the Altar Boyz gathered on July 11 to unveil a groovy "tour van" promoting their hit off-Broadway show. The event was part of "Altarholics Appreciation Day" thanking fans for their support. Now the Partridge Family's got nothing on everybody's favorite boy band! checked out the boyz' new wheels.

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Photo Op - Altar Boyz New Van - guys on van
Photo Op - Altar Boyz New Van - Andrew C. Call - Jason Celaya Tim Daly - Shaun Taylor-Corbett - Zach Hanna - Dennis Moensch