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Baby It's You! Story

What Is the Story of Baby It’s You!?
Baby It’s You! centers on Florence Greenberg, a housewife who became the music industry’s first powerful female producer and record company executive. As the show opens in 1958, a restless Florence decides to cut a record with an all-girl quartet from her daughter’s high school in Passaic, New Jersey. Renaming them the Shirelles, Greenberg hones her skills as a producer and songwriter and guides them to a career as of one of the greatest American girl groups of all time. After teaming up (professionally and personally) with African-American songwriter Luther Dixon, the ambitious Greenberg creates Scepter Records, which signs Dionne Warwick, among other pop stars. Baby It’s You! traces Greenberg’s ground-breaking career though the music her artists performed from the late 50s through 1965.

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