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Times Square Arts Center

Channeling Kevin Spacey

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Channeling Kevin Spacey, Times Square Arts Center, NYC Show Poster
Times Square Arts Center

300 West 43rd Street

1hr. 20mins
No Intermission
Important Dates
Apr 17, 2011
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'Office Space' meets 'Scarface' in Elan Wolf Farbiarz and Cory Terry's hilarious comic romp.

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In Channeling Kevin Spacey, we meet Charlie, a meek pushover stuck in a dead end job and a loveless relationship. After a particularly soul-squashing day at work, Charlie has an epiphany and resolves to change his life. Fans of Kevin Spacey and Al Pacino are in for a treat as Charlie's adventure channels the characters of both actors, triggering devastating and hilarious confrontations.

Critics’ Reviews

It's a frantically amusing showcase for the comedic talents of its two lead actors, and film buffs will have a fine time playing spot-the-reference.

Review by A.J. Mell from Backstage