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Al Hirschfeld Theatre


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Elf, Al Hirschfeld Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Al Hirschfeld Theatre

302 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

1 Intermission
Important Dates
Nov 09, 2012
Jan 06, 2013
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A musical version of the popular film returns to Broadway for the holiday season.

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What Is the Story of Elf?
Elf begins at Santa’s North Pole workshop when one of the elves, Buddy, learns that he is not actually an elf; he’s human. When Santa tells Buddy the whereabouts of his birth father, Buddy heads to New York City hoping to reconnect with his dad. His father turns out to be a cranky workaholic who wants nothing to do with Buddy or his Christmas-loving antics. Buddy however develops a bond with his step-mother, half brother and a beautiful Macy’s co-worker and helps restore the lost holiday spirit of his jaded New York family.

Critics’ Reviews
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Newcomer Mitchell Sink, as the jaded-turned-believer Michael, possesses a downright shocking voice for an adolescent—'voice of an angel' would not be an overstatement.

Review by Tanner Stransky from Entertainment Weekly

Wayne Knight, who played the vile Newman on 'Seinfeld,' provides some welcome grit in his rendering of Santa Claus.

Review by Robert Feldberg from

Frequently Asked Questions
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What Is Elf Like?
While a few changes have been made, Elf is very faithful to the popular 2003 film the show is based on. Audiences will recognize many of the film’s jokes with several new ones added. The brassy score features Christmas carol-tinged songs and the story takes place on a brightly colored stage where Santa’s workshop and the New York City skyline come to life. There are many big dance numbers featuring the show’s 25-member cast with humor prevalent throughout.

Is Elf Good for Kids? Elf is perfect for children. Kids will love Buddy’s smiley personality and be wowed by the show’s visual magic (including Santa’s flying sleigh). There’s some very minor sexual innuendo, but that will likely fly high above your happily entertained children’s heads.