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Endangered! The Musical
Endangered! The Musical, Davenport Theatre, NYC Show Poster

Endangered! The Musical

Davenport Theatre
A groundbreaking multi-cultural, international, multi-species new musical.

Endangered! The Musical Tickets

Mon Dec 18
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Tue Dec 19
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Wed Dec 20
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Theater Info

Davenport Theatre
354 W. 45th Street
New York, NY
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Important Dates

Jul 12, 2017
Jul 23, 2017


for Endangered! The Musical

Endangered! tells the story of a social media savvy Kid reporter and a group of famous endangered animals from around the globe, who must survive an unexpected superstorm! Stranded at the zoo when the superstorm hits the city, the Kid and the endangered animals must quickly learn to understand and respect each other, while working together to save themselves. Endangered! has melodies that are renewable, and harmonies that are sustainable, making this groundbreaking eco-musical uplifting and enjoyable for creatures of all ages!


for Endangered! The Musical
Crankee the Crocodile
Connor Delves
Sita the Noble Cheetah
Ani Djirdjirian
Levi Lovewell
Theo Errig
Snoop the Spotted Skunk
J'royce Jata
Einstein the Bird Brain
Nate Rocke
Janie Godall
Maggie Ronck
Bam-Boo, Superstar Panda
Dana Scurlock
Nicolette Shin


for Endangered! The Musical
Tony Small
David Friedman
Book and Lyrics
Keni Fine
Director and Choreographer
Michael Chase Gosselin