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Marquis Theatre

2hrs. 30mins (1 Intermission)

This show has closed.

When former members of the Weismann Follies reunite on the eve of their theater's demolition, two couples remember their past and face the harsher realities of the present. The shadows of their younger selves remind them of the complicated steps they've danced, both on the stage and throughout their lives.

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46th Street between Broadway & 8th Avenue
New York, NY
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Jul 06, 2011
Aug 07, 2011
Sep 12, 2011
Jan 22, 2012

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What Is the Story of Follies?
It is 1971 and the former stars of the Weissman Follies are reuniting on the stage of the now-decrepit theater that was once their professional home, the night before it is turned into a parking lot. Phyllis and Sally, who were best friends in their Follies days, have married Ben and Buddy, respectively. The once-close foursome has fallen out of touch. As these aging starlets reminisce, they end up hashing out old affairs, remembering who loved (and loves) whom, and reliving the roads they did and didn’t take.


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Sally Durant Plummer
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Buddy Plummer
Benjamin Stone
Carlotta Campion
Hattie Walker
Solange LaFitte
Theodore Whitman
Don Correia
Stella Deems
Terri White
Heidi Schiller
Rosalind Elias
Dee Dee West
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Michael Hayes
Emily Whitman
Susan Watson
Sandra Crane
Florence Lacey
Dimitri Weismann
David Sabin
Max Deems
Frederick Strother
Young Buddy
Christian Delcroix
Young Phyllis
Young Ben
Nick Verina


for Follies
Music and Lyrics
Stephen Sondheim
James Goldman
Eric Schaeffer
Warren Carlyle
Set Designer
Derek McLane
Costume Designer
Gregg Barnes
Lighting Designer
Natasha Katz
Sound Designer
Kai Harada