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Theatre Three at Theatre Row

The Good Mother

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The Good Mother, Theatre Three at Theatre Row, NYC Show Poster
Theatre Three at Theatre Row

410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Important Dates
Oct 29, 2012
Nov 15, 2012
Dec 22, 2012
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The New Group presents Francine Volpe's psychological thriller, starring Gretchen Mol.

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What Is the Story of The Good Mother?
Set in a run-down home in suburban Mount Vernon, NY, The Good Mother centers around Larissa, a middle-aged single mom raising a four-year-old daughter. When Larissa gets asked out by a trucker named Jonathan, she invites Angus, the college-aged son of her old counselor Joel, to her house to babysit. When she returns home from a drunken night, Larissa panics when she realizes that her daughter (who is non-verbal, has a long list of food allergies and is on the autism spectrum) has begun acting strangely. After interrogating Angus, Larissa enlists Joel, Jonathan and Buddy, an ex-boyfriend and police officer, to uncover the truth. As Larissa denies her problems, the trio of men try to help her face the truth of her troubled past and become a better mother to her child. 

Critics’ Reviews
for The Good Mother

Larissa's teen mentor Joel, another character with good intentions who proves to be screwed up, is invested with quiet pain and regret by Mark Blum.

Review by Michael Sommers from New Jersey Newsroom

Goldstein's performance is so carefully nuanced, the audience can't tell whether he's a decent guy or a ticking time bomb.

Review by Jennifer Farrar from Associated Press

Frequently Asked Questions
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What Is The Good Mother Like?
The Good Mother features a series of scenes spanning several days, all taking place in Larissa’s shabby living room. Although Larissa’s four-year-old daughter Allison is a constant presence in the home, her bedroom is located offstage, and she is never seen by the audience. While Larissa tries to project the image of who she wishes she could be to the men in her life, they see right through her in this chilling and moving drama, starring Gretchen Mol of Boardwalk Empire.

Is The Good Mother Good For Kids?
No. The Good Mother contains simulated scenes of heavy petting, references to drug and alcohol use and adult subjects. Although older teens may be mature enough to handle the content of the production, this thriller is too intense for little ones.