Gutenberg! The Musical! (Off-Broadway) Photos

In this two-man musical spoof, a pair of aspiring playwrights, Bud Davenport and Doug Simon, perform a backers' audition for their new project - a great big musical about printing press inventor Johann Gutenberg. They hope that one of the producers in the audience will give them a Broadway contract - fulfilling their ill-advised dreams. With an unending supply of charm, enthusiasm and idiocy, and accompanied by Larry, their pianist, Bud and Doug sing all the songs and play all the parts in their crass historical epic, using only baseball caps to differentiate between the show's 30 characters. Gutenberg! The Musical was the winner of the 2006 New York Musical Theatre Festival Award for Excellence in Musical Theatre Writing, with stars Christopher Fitzgerald and Jeremy Shamos winning 2006 NYMF Awards for Outstanding Individual Performance.

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