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Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine, Tony Kiser Theatre, NYC Show Poster

Little Miss Sunshine

Tony Kiser Theatre

TBA (No Intermission)

This show has closed.


for Little Miss Sunshine

Last but not least is the lovable Hannah Nordberg. When it comes to talent, there’s nothing small about this little miss.

Review by Joe Dziemianowicz from New York Daily News

Ms. Nordberg is frisky and fun, neither overplaying Olive’s oddball quirks nor milking her heart-tugging role as the glue gun holding the family together.

Review by Charles Isherwood from The New York Times

Rory O’Malley ('The Book of Mormon') turns in a winning performance as Frank, Sheryl’s brother, who is recovering from a suicide attempt.

Review by Robert Kahn from NBC New York

Reconceived after a 2011 La Jolla, CA, premiere, deftly recast and restaged with high-imagination, low-tech flash, the show touches a lot of genuine problems with good humor and just a bit of serious anguish.

Review by Linda Winer from Newsday