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Tony Kiser Theatre

Modern Terrorism

This show has closed.

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Modern Terrorism, Tony Kiser Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Tony Kiser Theatre

305 West 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

Important Dates
Sep 21, 2012
Oct 18, 2012
Nov 04, 2012
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What Is the Story of Modern Terrorism?
Set in a dingy apartment in New York City, Modern Terrorism is the controversial story of three terrorists who plan to blow up the Empire State Building. Qala, the hardened leader of the group, builds a bomb that Rahim, a wide-eyed optimist with a penchant for Star Wars, will detonate in a suicide mission. The darkly funny comedy follows the hijinks of Qala, Rahim and Yalda, a widowed young Pakistani American, as they attempt to bring their horrifying plan to fruition. As Rahim prepares for his mission, he becomes increasingly nervous about his decision to end his own life. But when an important material for the bomb is accidentally delivered to the terrorists’ stoner neighbor Jerome, the trio must decide whether to leave New York City and abort the mission, include the stoner in their plans or kill him.