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Kirk Theatre

Naked Boys Singing!

Naked Boys Singing! , Kirk Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Kirk Theatre

410 West 42nd St.
New York, NY 10019

1 hr, 30 mins
0 Intermissions
Important Dates
Mar 22, 2012
Apr 05, 2012
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This long-running musical revue stays true to its title.

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The title says it all. This well-natured musical revue features eight actors who sing and dance in their birthday suits (well, they’re fully naked 90% of the time, to be exact). There’s no plot, really, just a bunch of skits and songs about gay life and male nudity—silly ditties about topics like circumcision and getting aroused in public as well as more emotional songs about finding love.

Critics’ Reviews

You go in wondering how many numbers they can dream up in which nudity is appropriate and marvel at their ingenuity.

Review by Rex Reed from The New York Observer

An affable, appealing production with a versatile and talented cast.

Review by Anita Gates from The New York Times

Cast & Creative


  • Performer
    Alex Ringler


  • Directors
    Tom D'Angora and Michael Duling
  • Musical Director
    Alex LeFevre
  • Choreographer
    Alex Ringler

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Naked Boys Singing Like?
If the idea of meeting the cast of a show completely naked within the first few minutes sounds good, it’s a lot of fun! It should also be noted that although there are gay themes throughout, the show has become popular with non-gays who like nudity as well. In fact, many bachelorette parties swing by for a giggle before the big day.

Is Naked Boys Singing for Kids?
Um, no.