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The Joy Luck Club (Off-Broadway) Story

Set in San Francisco in the 1980s, The Joy Luck Club follows four Mahjong playing mothers from different provinces in China and their sometimes difficult relationships with their American-born daughters. With direction and musical staging by Tisa Chang, this re-envisioning of Amy Tan's best-selling 1989 novel captures the historical sweep and operatic grandeur of feudal China and the dynamic pulse of modern America. [IMG:L]Pan Asian Repertory Theatre is producing this off-Broadway revival of Susan Kim's play, which premiered in New York six years after its 1993 world premiere, a historic joint venture between the Shanghai People's Art Theatre (where it was performed in Mandarin) and the Long Wharf Theatre. Tan's novel, which was adapted for the big screen in 1993, remains popular worldwide for its sensitive look at intergenerational conflict among immigrant families.
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