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A Time To Kill
A Time To Kill, John Golden Theatre, NYC Show Poster

A Time To Kill

John Golden Theatre

2hrs, 30mins (1 Intermission)

This show has closed.

A stage adaptation of John Grisham's best-selling novel.

Theater Info

John Golden Theatre
252 West 45th Street
New York, NY
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Important Dates

Sep 28, 2013
Oct 20, 2013
Nov 17, 2013

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What Is the Story of A Time to Kill?
Based on John Grisham’s bestselling novel, A Time to Kill tells the story of Jake Brigance, an idealistic white lawyer from Ford County, Mississippi, who sits in on a harrowing court case: A 10-year-old black girl named Tonya Hailey was brutally raped and beaten by two white men. Jake is shaken by the testimony of the girl’s father, Carl Lee Hailey, but when Carl takes the law into his own hands in the courtroom, the grieving father is suddenly under arrest and facing a trial of his own. Carl begs Jake to represent him, and although it’s a tough case, the young lawyer agrees to fight for the justice of Tonya, Carl and their family. With the help of his oft-inebriated mentor Lucien Wilbanks and a bright young law student named Ellen Roark, Brigance goes head to head against district attorney Rufus Buckley. As the controversial trial shakes the town to its core, Brigance finds himself—and his own beloved family—under attack.


for A Time To Kill

With performers on the level of John Douglas Thompson and [Patrick] Page, you can be guaranteed a certain complement of gripping exchanges and stirring orations.

Review by Scott Brown from Vulture

[Tom] Skerritt nicely pulls off a charming disgraced and drunken lawyer and [Fred Dalton] Thompson is a sure-footed judge, perfectly cast.

Review by Mark Kennedy from Associated Press

[Page] wraps himself in Southern smarm, wielding an oily smile and lowering his voice to a fiendish basso croak. At a recent preview, he had the audience eating out of his hand—that is, rooting solidly against him.

Review by Elysa Gardner from USA Today

James Noone’s expressive set, made almost entirely of polished wood and sensuously curved like the staves of a barrel, has the mellow glow (provided by lighting designer Jeff Croiter) you’d expect to find in an old country courthouse in the Deep South.

Review by Marilyn Stasio from Variety

[John Douglas] Thompson lends a palpable weight and gravity to his performance as Carl Lee, whose belief that his actions were justified makes him squirm with anguish at the idea that he’ll hang for his crimes.

Review by Charles Isherwood from The New York Times


for A Time To Kill
Jake Brigance
Sebastian Arcelus
Carl Lee Hailey
John Douglas Thompson
Judge Noose
Fred Dalton Thompson
Gwen Hailey
Tonya Pinkins
Lucien Wilbanks
Tom Skerritt
Rufus Buckley
Patrick Page
Ozzie Walls
Chike Johnson
Ellen Roark
Ashley Williams


for A Time To Kill
Based on the novel by
John Grisham
Adapted by
Rupert Holmes
Ethan McSweeny
Set Designer
James Noone
Costume Designer
David C. Woolard
Lighting Designer
Jeff Croiter
Sound Designer
Lindsay Jones
Projection Designer
Jeff Sugg