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Studio 54

Wishful Drinking

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Wishful Drinking, Studio 54, NYC Show Poster
Studio 54

254 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019

2 hours
1 Intermission
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Aug 31, 2009
Sep 22, 2009
Oct 04, 2009
Jan 17, 2010
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The daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher became a cultural icon when she starred as Princess Leia in the first Star Wars trilogy at 19 years old. ...

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What Is the Story of Wishful Drinking?
Long before Star Wars made her into a household name (let alone such household items as a Pez dispenser and a bottle of shampoo), Carrie Fisher had seen the other side of stardom. Her father, crooner Eddie Fisher, famously left her mother, Singin' in the Rain sweetheart Debbie Reynolds, for the Angelina Jolie of their time, Elizabeth Taylor... and that was before Ms. Fisher was even out of diapers. A trilogy of iconic films, a pair of high-profile relationships, drug addiction, mental illness and more Hollywood madness followed—and Fisher reveals it all onstage in this intimate stage memoir.

Critics’ Reviews
for Wishful Drinking

"Carrie Fisher makes you feel like you’ve arrived for a slumber party to swap confidences. And she has a copious array of hilarious one-liners, but you need to hear them from her. You're going to like it. A lot.”

Review by Ben Brantley from The New York Times

"A hilariously perceptive journey through a world of celebrity and self-destruction, chock-full of funny, fascinating tales."

Review by Michael Kuchwara from Associated Press

Frequently Asked Questions
about Wishful Drinking

What is Wishful Drinking like?
A colorful evening of what Fisher calls "talking about myself behind my back," Wishful Drinking is a breezy combination of one-liners and behind-the-Hollywood-scenes-gossip, all relayed with Fisher's withering, dry humor. The actress invites the audience to meet the skeletons in her closet, keeping the mood merry despite what could be heavy subject matter.

Is Wishful Drinking Good for Kids?
Adults and younger fans of Hollywood, topical humor and/or Fisher's wild career will appreciate every punchline in the bunch. However, ‘tweens and younger who've never experienced Star Wars will find themselves a bit lost. Parents should also be warned that Fisher holds nothing back: sexual scandal, homosexuality, drug abuse and rehab are all parts of her past, and therefore part of the show. While the star keeps the content from getting too explicit, she's also not above using some off-color language—or occasionally flipping her audience the bird.