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Shrek the Musical

The most beloved swamp-dwelling ogre of all time makes his Broadway debut.

Shrek Princess Sutton Foster's Broadway Dressing Room Treasures

Shrek Princess Sutton Foster's Broadway Dressing Room Treasures

"Crocheting keeps me busy and out of trouble during the show."

In the third installment of our “My Space” portrait series, entered the lavender-hued dressing room of our favorite leading lady, Sutton Foster. Now winding up her year-long run as Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical, the Tony-winning star has created a comfy backstage haven in which she’s surrounded by things—and in her case, a person—she just can’t do without. Some of her picks are practical, others are fanciful, but all say something about this down-to-earth diva. Step into Sutton’s space at the Broadway Theatre, and scroll down to see what she had to say about five things she treasures. Photo by Jenny Anderson for

“Crocheting keeps me busy and out of trouble during the show. In the year I’ve been with Shrek, I’ve already made four blankets, and I’m working on my fifth. This one is actually a present for the man you see in the mirror [#5 below].”

My ‘Pimp’ cup houses my collection of angel cards. Before every performance, I like to pick a card, which becomes my inspiration for the show. [She pulls a card from the cup.] I got ‘birth,’ which might mean I’ll birth something new today. Something exciting!”

“Emergen-C is a vitamin C energy thingy that comes in little packets, and I take one before every show. I actually drink it out of a Seattle cup. The cup is not one of my favorite things, but I’ve been to the city twice with shows!”

“Granddaddy, my two-headed crawfish, is the mascot of all my dressing rooms. I don’t know why my parents gave me a crawfish, but they ended up giving me two, so we made him a two-headed crawfish. A couple of his eyeballs are missing because they were put on another animal that lives in the room.”

“Julien Havard, my dresser, and I have done five shows together. He is the most important thing in my dressing room, and one of the most important things in my life. He’s one of my best friends.”

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