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Lombardi - Broadway

A new play based on the life of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi.

Dan Lauria Shows Off His Lombardi Coaching Quarters

Dan Lauria Shows Off His Lombardi Coaching Quarters
I give the young actors [of 'Lombardi'] old movies to study.

As the title coach in the hit Broadway sports drama Lombardi, Dan Lauria functions as a motivational figure both on and offstage. In the same way that any football coach readies for a game, Lauria has his own pre-performance rituals, arriving an hour early for each show for a shower “to remove the day” and move into the Lambeau Field mindset. Lauria invited to his backstage dressing room at Circle in the Square Theatre to show off his pre-game essentials. Take a look!

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“Every day I pick up coffee for Judith Light and myself, and on matinee days she brings soup for both of us. That’s kind of our tradition.”

“[Co-star] Keith Nobbs gave me this picture of James Cagney because I give the young actors old movies to study. As they walk by my room, I shout ‘What did you watch?’ and if they say ‘Oh, we didn’t have time today,’ I yell at them. I think Cagney would have been a great Lombardi.”

“This is a knob from a cabinet in the basement of Vince Lombardi’s house. It’s like a good luck charm.”

“Everybody knows Lombardi had a big gap in his front teeth. I have a natural gap, but we make it look wider with nontoxic black nail polish. Every night I put it on the center of my teeth, with a little brown in between because he smoked a lot. This is not a plug for his dentist, that’s for sure!”

“A half-hour before the show, I shut off all the lights in the room except for this lamp. My dresser, Kelly, who has since moved on to a new production, gave this [one-bulb] lamp to me because she noticed I had to unscrew all the bulbs from another lamp every night.”

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