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War Horse - Broadway

Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo, this epic story comes to Broadway straight from London's National Theatre.

War Horse's Matt Doyle on Halloween Costumes, Scary Movies and the Horror of Turkish Delight

War Horse's Matt Doyle on Halloween Costumes, Scary Movies and the Horror of Turkish Delight
Matt Doyle
'Since I was a kid, I have been addicted to candy corn.'

Halloween is the most theatrical holiday, so it makes perfect sense that Broadway actors—who know a thing or two about rocking a costume—would embrace the spooky season. We asked your favorite stage stars to share their memories of yummy treats, silly tricks and the best and worst costumes they ever wore. Read on for inspiration, and Happy Halloween!

MATT DOYLE (Billy Narracott in War Horse)

What was your favorite Halloween costume of all time, and how old were you when you wore it?
For whatever reason, I was quite a fan of this dragon/dinosaur costume I wore as a kid (pictured above). I must have worn it three years in a row, starting when I was three. Maybe I should look into being a dinosaur again? I’m sure it would be a very flattering look on a 24 year old.

What’s the most embarrassing Halloween costume you ever wore?
I was definitely Mark one year in high school. in Mark from Rent. Scarf, sweater, camera and all.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy, and why?
Since I was a kid, I have been addicted to candy corn. Not the chocolate ones though. I gave those to my sisters.

What’s the worst “treat” you were ever given on Halloween?
When you’re a kid, you want candy. The last thing you want is Turkish Delight from the creepy old woman down the road that you’re already afraid of.

Have you ever dressed up as a Broadway character? If so, which one?
Oy. See “embarrassing” question above. In my defense, my best friend was definitely Galinda that year...with a “Ga.”

What is your favorite Halloween horror movie, and why?
It’s not a horror movie...but I’ve probably seen Hocus Pocus over 100 times at this point. Can’t get through the season without several viewings. “Dead man’s toe!” I also loved Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow.

What do you think is the hottest Broadway-themed costume for 2011?
I have a feeling there will be more than a few Mormon themed costumes this year. I was also Billy Elliot more recently...but that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. I promise.

What is your Halloween costume this year?
I’m pretty sure my roommate wants us to go in those Top Gun flight suits they sell at all the Halloween stores. She talked me into it by telling me I look great in aviators.

What do you love most about Halloween?

Keep checking back for more Halloween memories from your favorite stars.

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