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Jersey Boys - Broadway

This Tony-winning rags-to-riches story is just too good to be true!

Jersey Boys Star Andy Karl on Living With His Celebrity V-Day Crush

Jersey Boys Star Andy Karl on Living With His Celebrity V-Day Crush

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, so decided to collect romantic stories (and ideas for celebrating the national day of love) from some of the most passionate people we know: Broadway stars! Read on for memories, menus and much more.

ANDY KARL (Tommy DeVito in Jersey Boys)

What is your happiest Valentine's Day memory?
Reading [actress wife] Orfeh's remarks in last year's Valentine's Day celebrity feature. I guess she does love me after all. It's in PRINT!!! Now she's stuck with me.

What was your biggest Valentine's Day disaster?
When I was in high school, I had a girlfriend that I wanted to impress on V-Day by hiding roses behind the stairwell in the science hall where we always left class together. I hid them just before the bell rang, and an hour later, when we walked out...wait for it...they were gone. That was a lesson in "being sneaky, one must also be smart." Dumb move on my part. We broke up shortly after. It's all for the best.

What's the best Valentine's gift you ever gave...or received?
Orfeh isn't a "roses" girl. Trust me, I've done the roses, and it's just not her thing. She's special and likes things outside the box. I had a painting commissioned for V-Day a few years ago by an artist we know and it really struck a heartstring with her. No... it wasn't on black velvet.

Tell us the perfect menu for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.
Anything and everything with LOBSTER.

What Broadway song would you use for a Valentine's Day serenade?
Haven't written it yet.

If you could spend Valentine's Day with any celebrity, who would you choose and why?
DUH!!!! (HINT: She has one name, a great voice and I've worked with her 2x on Broadway…you do the math :).

Keep checking back for more Valentine’s Day ideas from your favorite stars.

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