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Good Cheno-Bits: Our Fave Kristin Chenoweth Moments on the GCB Premiere

Good Cheno-Bits: Our Fave Kristin Chenoweth Moments on the GCB Premiere
Kristin Chenoweth as Carlene Cockburn in 'GCB'
Kristin Chenoweth is back on TV. Amen.

In ABC's hot new show GCB, which premiered on March 4, Kristin Chenoweth is TV’s newest Jesus-loving mean girl, Carlene Cockburn. The Tony-winning actress plays a conniving Texan with a love of fashion, plastic surgery, sex and, of course, God. When Carlene’s old high school rival Amanda moves back to Dallas, the meddling millionaire makes it her business to ruin Amanda’s life—in the holiest way possible. We’ve sifted out all the best Cheno-Bits from the first episode of GCB for your reading pleasure. Praise the Lord! (Check back next week for more Bits!)

Name: Carlene Cockburn

Ringtone: "Amazing Grace" (organ version)

Vanity Plate: “HOLY ONE” (with “John 3:16” stenciled on the trunk)

Costume Changes: 10

Cutest Outfit: Pink Chanel romper with gold coin belt 

Spying Toolkit Must-Have: Bedazzled binoculars

Church Choir Solo: "Blessed Be the Tie That Binds"

Church Prayer:
“Let us open our hearts in support of [Amanda] as she struggles to pick up the pieces of her shattered, tragic life and keep us ever mindful of the humiliation of sin, degradation and lack of moral decency…It’s not ours to judge, amen.”

Silliest Double Entendre: “I had to get some body work done and they messed up my colon.” (Come on, she’s getting “John 3:16” stenciled on her car! What were you thinking?)

Funniest Jesus Joke: “Am I breaking a commandment? I’ll Google it.”

Most Scandalous Confession: “I won’t lie to you: I have hair extensions.”

Snappiest Comeback: “At least my husband’s smart enough to keep both hands on the wheel during orgasm!”

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