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Good Cheno-Bits: Kristin Chenoweth Makes New Enemies on GCB

Good Cheno-Bits: Kristin Chenoweth Makes New Enemies on GCB
Kristin Chenoweth
Carlene Cockburn has a new celebrity adversary on 'GCB.'

Praise the Lord! Kristin Chenoweth is back as the conniving (and Jesus-loving!) Carlene Cockburn on ABC’s new comedy series GCB. When Carlene pays her condolences at her Aunt Bitsy’s funeral, she’s shocked to see her pal Cricket there singing the eulogy. But things get even more complicated when Carlene’s little brother Luke starts dating her old high school rival Amanda and Carlene’s plans to split them up at a church benefit gala are foiled. Below, relive all of the best Kristin Chenoweth bits from episode five, then stay tuned next week for two new episodes!

Name: Carlene Cockburn

Costume Changes: 4

Cutest Outfit: Short sky blue dress with pearls

Funeral Condolences: “I can’t even imagine what it must be like to have someone die in your home while eating your food!”

Secret Church Rival #2: Anastasia

Spy Toolkit: Night Vision Riflescope

Celebrity Adversary: Sheryl Crow (Carlene's replacement as star attraction at the church benefit)

Neighborly Threat: Bringing giant pruning shears on a visit to Amanda

Mean Girls-Style Blackmail: Getting Amanda to confide that her mother is sleeping with Carlene’s recently widowed Uncle Burl, then revealing that Cricket has been listening in on the phone conversation the whole time.

Deadly Church Solo Rebuttal: “That child’s seizure was because of strobe lights, not 'Glitter and Be Gay!'”

Moment of Honesty: “I have tried unsuccessfully to get Luke to explain to me why you have possession of his pants, and Ripp says it’s against the law to waterboard immediate family.”

Best Excuse to Leave a Conversation: “There’s a group of Sikhs that I’ve just about worn down enough to go to Sunday school. I saw a table of turbans and I just went for it. Shalom!”

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