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Megan Hilty Gets a Wake-Up Call, a Star Goes Nuts & Other Smash Highlights

Megan Hilty Gets a Wake-Up Call, a Star Goes Nuts & Other Smash Highlights
Megan Hilty & Raza Jaffrey in 'Smash'
Everything is getting nutty.

One week before the season finale, Bombshell has finally reached “Previews,” the title of this week’s episode of Smash, and things are blowing up in the faces of the cast and crew working on the Marilyn Monroe musical. On the 14th episode of NBC’s musical drama, Ivy (Megan Hilty) wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, Rebecca (Uma Thurman) has a suspicious smoothie and Bombshell’s killer ending may be the death of them all. Read on for this week’s Smash-Back highlights:

Strangest Bedfellows: Where do broken hearts go? Apparently to happy hour! After Karen turns down Dev's (Raza Jaffrey) marriage proposal and Ivy catches Derek (Jack Davenport) cheating with Rebecca, they wake up in bed together in a tryst fueled by four-dollar shots. They agree to keep their regretful one-night stand a secret, but things go from bad to almost worse when Dev comes thisclose to picking up Ivy’s phone when Karen’s name pops up on caller ID. That would have been a hell of a wake-up call.

Biggest Broadway Déjà Vu: Megan Hilty has a 9 to 5 reunion with four-time Tony nominee Marc Kudisch during Bombshell’s meta-number "Smash." In character as hollywood heavyweight producer Darryl F. Zanuck, Kudisch says "OK, get me some new girls. Bring on the tomatoes: Heirloom. Cherry. Plum." Enter Ivy and Karen both cooing, "Won't you help me be a Smash," begging the question: Will either of these ladies ever be plum for the role of Marilyn?

Most Obvious Bombshell Ending: Tom (Christian Borle) says it best: “You can't end a musical with a suicide.” Bombshell’s anti-climatic ending as a sad and lonely Marilyn dies in bed bombs as the confused audience fails to applaud. Julia (Debra Messing) can rewrite all she wants, but she can't rewrite history.

Most Old-Fashioned Put Down: It’s not an episode of Smash unless Ellis (Jaime Cepero) forgets that he is nothing more than an assistant. With the first performance of Bombshell behind them, Eileen (Anjelica Huston), her lover/blue-collar investor Nick (Thorsten Kaye) and Ellis convene over drinks. When Ellis questions Eileen’s producing skills, Nick quips, “Hey kid! Take a powder.” Eileen then adds, “I think you need some rest.” Yes, Ellis please give it a rest or you might find peanuts (or whatever weasels are allergic to) in your drink next.

Best Way to Eliminate The Competition: The crowd does not go wild at the end of Bombshell, which makes Rebecca fear she may have choked on stage. Moments later, the highly allergic actress literally chokes on a peanut-laced smoothie. Poisoned? Self-sabotage? Who knows! Though the recovering Rebecca decides to take a powder, the show must go on and Karen or Ivy (or someone else, God help us all) may finally be crowned the new Marilyn. Expect things to get nuts!

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