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What If... Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Came to Broadway? Five Ridiculous Outcomes

What If... Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Came to Broadway? Five Ridiculous Outcomes
Attention Broadway casting agents: Kanye and Kim are in town!

Superstar couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have recently been spotted on date nights all over the Great White Way. They took a missionary trip to The Book of Mormon, checked out the high-flying hit Wicked, danced up a storm with Fela! and even got into the ring with Mike Tyson. Okay, Kim and Kanye: We think it’s high time you lovebirds starred in a Broadway show together. We’ve dreamed up some awesome (and, yes, completely ridiculous) leading roles for the reality star and her rapper beau below. See if you agree!

Roxie Hart and Billy Flynn in Chicago
Kanye loves to dispute the facts (just ask Taylor Swift), so we think he’d be the perfect defense attorney for murder suspect Roxie Hart. Kim’s spent some time in court (she was awarded $5 million for a leaked sex tape), plus, like Roxie, she knows how important it is to look glamorous at all times, and she's an expert at dealing with pesky reporters. Sounds like a great match for the Broadway version of reality TV!

Fiyero and Elphaba in Wicked
We already know Kim and Kanye have chemistry, so they shouldn’t have any problems gazing longingly into each other’s eyes while crooning “As Long As You’re Mine.” Kanye’s got killer moves, so “Dancing through Life” will be a breeze. Besides, as the show attests, everyone deserves a chance to fly, and Kim is no exception! (Plus, as you can see from the photo above, she looks pretty hot in green.)

Jimmy Winter and Billie Bendix in Nice Work If You Can Get It
In his hit “Gold Digger,” Kanye made it crystal clear that he doesn’t trust just anyone with his money. Nice Work’s rich playboy Jimmy Winter backs out of his marriage to a golddigging modern dancer for a chance at true love, and we think Kanye might relate. (Okay, fine, we just want to see Kim wear a newsboy cap and jump on a bed.)

Eva Peron and Che in Evita
She’s not Argentinian, she’s Armenian, but Kim has more than a little touch of star quality, so we think she'd feel at home on the balcony of the Casa Rosada. Kanye has no trouble airing his grievances (once again: Taylor Swift), so even though he's not from Buenos Aires either, he’d definitely have the passion required to play Che, the outspoken revolutionary.

The Phantom and Christine in The Phantom of the Opera
There’s no truer romance than the love between a chorus girl and her manipulative masked voice teacher, so naturally, it’s the perfect fit for Kanye and Kim. Remember Kanye’s brooding, dramatic hit “Heartless”? Imagine him singing it while perching on top of a giant golden angel suspended from the ceiling. Now imagine him cutting down a chandelier and laughing maniacally—it works. Kim, hope you can hit a high E.

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