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Barre Hopping: Love Is In the Air For Sutton Foster on Bunheads

Barre Hopping: Love Is In the Air For Sutton Foster on Bunheads
Kelly Bishop & Sutton Foster in 'Bunheads'
Sutton Foster sees a terrible play, then gets cozy with the director on 'Bunheads'!

Two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster is bringing a taste of Broadway to the small screen as dance teacher Michelle Simms on Bunheads. After Michelle and Fanny see a matinee of a terrible play, Michelle falls for the director, Conor (played by Chris Elgeman). Meanwhile, Fanny gets serious with piano player Michael (Richard Gant) and Boo is wooed by dance partner Carl (Casey J. Adler) when she’s chosen to replace Sasha in a Fred & Ginger routine. Although Boo is smitten, ballerinas Melanie and Ginny are determined to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, So You Think You Can Dance’s Kent Boyd joins Paradise Dance Academy as a cocky ballet student and Sasha’s rebellious attitude pushes Fanny and Michelle over the edge. We’ve highlighted the best moments from this week’s episode below. Check back next week for more Barre Hopping!

Ginny’s Flower Arranging Tip: “Baby’s breath is the curly parsley of the flower world.”

Ballet for Penny Pinchers:
Melanie: “Why do we do our Nutcracker in August?”
Boo: “Costumes are half off.”

Michelle and Fanny’s Matinee Date: Blank Up, It’s Time

Fanny’s Broadway Memories: “I took Colleen once to The Sound of Music. She hummed off-key to every song and got so confused she ended up rooting for the Nazis.”

Boo’s Favorite Drink: Celery Tonic

Boozy Theater Etiquette:
Fanny: “I love getting sloshed at the theater.”
Michelle: “But we’re both performers; the theater is sacred ground. This is our church!”
Fanny: “Church has wine. Jesus made it out of water. Ever hear of it?”
Michelle: “I saw Jesus Christ Superstar, of course I’ve heard of it.”

Intermission Review:
Fanny: “I wish there was a Mormon at the door.”
Michelle: “A singing Mormon.”

Michelle’s Intermission Strategy: “I’m going to utilize the Ortega Maneuver. A choreographer I worked with, Kenny Ortega, taught it to me. It’s surprisingly simple. Instead of rushing to the ladies’ room and getting in that ridiculously long line, I take my time. The line works its way down. Then, as soon as they play the sit-down bells, people panic, leave. I dash in at the last second, do my thing, dash out, bing-bang-boom, I’m in my seat, didn’t have to suffer the line.”

Notes From a Disgruntled Director:
Michelle: “Must be hard getting through an out-of-town tryout.”
Conor: “Saw through each of your fingers with a razor blade dipped in vinegar. It’s more pleasant.”

Conor’s Law & Order Audition History: “I went up for all of them. The Mothership, SVU, Criminal Intent, Parental Neglect, Special Weird Guy Unit—nothing.”

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