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Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Causes a Nutcracker Disaster on the Season Finale of Bunheads

Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Causes a Nutcracker Disaster on the Season Finale of Bunheads
Sutton Foster in 'Bunheads'
Sutton Foster ruins 'The Nutcracker' on the season finale of 'Bunheads.'

It’s trouble in Paradise for two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster on the season finale of ABC Family’s Bunheads. Foster, who plays dance teacher Michelle Simms on the hit summer series, is promoted by her mother-in-law Fanny (played by Tony winner Kelly Bishop) while Fanny makes plans to move in with her on-again off-again boyfriend Michael in Montana. But when Michelle accidentally destroys both Fanny's plans and the Paradise Dance Academy production of The Nutcracker, Fanny’s reputation is ruined. Meanwhile, Ginny tries to get cozy with Melanie’s brother Charlie (but ends up with a bruise on her forehead), Fanny hires a ballet ringer to replace Sasha in The Nutcracker and Boo publically declares her love for her dance partner Carl. We’ve highlighted the best (spoiler-free) moments from the season finale below. Tune in next winter for new episodes of Bunheads!

Michelle’s Favor to Fanny: “I’d be happy to take over while you hang out in the mountains with your boyfriend. Which one of you is going to be Heath Ledger?”

Dancing Tunes: “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King,” “The Rainbow Connection,” “March From the Nutcracker” and “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret.

Michelle’s Feedback on the Ringer: “If Marvel comics had a crime fighting ballerina, this ballerina would kick that ballerina’s ass.”

Ballet Diet Tips:
Sasha: “Dancers don’t eat candy bars.”
Michelle: “Yeah right, Suzanne Farrell was 60 percent caramel.”

Sasha’s Dating Recap: “Boo likes Charlie, Charlie likes Ginny, Melanie says Ginny can’t date Charlie because Boo liked him first, but Ginny thinks since Boo likes Carl she relinquishes Charlie ’cause you revert back to the open market. And me? I wish we were all lesbians.”

Michelle’s Jukebox Pick: “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”

Ballet Revenge Tactic:
The Ringer: “Have you ever put ground glass in your rival’s toe shoe?”
Sasha: “No.”
The Ringer: “Huh.”

Boo’s Ode to Michelle: “O Captain! My Captain!”

Items in Michelle’s “Zombie Apocalypse Vegas Slut Bag”: Money, Powerbars, water, flaxseed oil, bobby pins, hairspray, ponytail holders, boob tape, condoms, handcuffs, handcuff keys, band-aids, ace bandage, rape whistle, disposable cell phone, lipstick case you can hide some cyanide in, pretty mace, eyelash glue and Junior Mints.

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