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Bring It On: The Musical - Broadway

An explosive new musical comedy based on the popular movie of the same name.

Bring It On's Kate Rockwell Is Obsessed With Instagram, Harry Potter, Dry Shampoo & More

Bring It On's Kate Rockwell Is Obsessed With Instagram, Harry Potter, Dry Shampoo & More
Kate Rockwell
Kate Rockwell loves cooking dinner, watching Alec Baldwin and singing along with 'The Last 5 Years.'

Broadway stars know what’s hot in entertainment, fashion and pop culture, so decided it was high time to tap in to the after-hours obsessions of our favorite stage actors. Kate Rockwell, who plays sassy cheerleader Skylar in Bring It On: The Musical, obviously keeps a sharp eye on every area of entertainment, and even manages to find time to read the uber-thick Game of Thrones books! Enjoy her choices below, and pull up a chair to enjoy a home-cooked dinner with this talented young actress. 

TV SHOW: “I don't have cable in my house (I know, I know, back to the dark ages), so I'm always playing catch up on Hulu with everyone else's favorites. Usually I'd say True Blood, but I am very far behind, because right now I'm deep in the first season of Damages. OMG: Glenn Close, please never get mad at me.”

MOVIE: “This is a hard one. I go through phases...right now it's back to all the Harry Potters again. But sometimes it's Wedding Crashers. Other times it's Pixar's Up. Now I want to go watch that one. I only like movies I've already seen. (Yes, I'm aware of the problem there.)”

STAGE SHOW (OTHER THAN MY OWN): “My favorite show ever is The Last 5 Years. I believe I was put on this earth to sing those songs loudly in my shower. But my fave current show is definitely Once. I am obsessed with both the film and OCR albums and preach the brilliant acting and subtle comedy probably to the point of mega-fan status.”

BOOK: “The Game of Thrones series. I've read all five books in three months, and the next two aren't due out for another few years, and I can't bear to read anything else right now. George R.R. Martin, if you're reading this, please hurry. ”  

ATHLETE: “I am completely unaware of most sports things. But pre-season for football is starting and I love watching football! I cheer for the Bengals, because I'm from Cincinnati. And the Giants, but I don't have a specific player that makes me gaga. I like to laugh at Ochocinco though...cuz...seriously? Foolish.”

VACATION SPOT: “The Iberostar resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We have gone a few years in a row and it is the perfect vacation—all inclusive, beautiful weather, and the friendliest staff on earth. And I can lie on the beach all day with a Coco Loco in my hand, which in actuality is how I want to spend my whole life.”

CELEBRITY: “Alec Baldwin. But I am afraid to meet him and find out he's not like his character on 30 Rock. So maybe I'm actually obsessed with Jack Donaghy. ”

FASHION DESIGNER: “My idea of fashion is the newest pair of lululemon shorts and a tank top from Forever 21...but if any awesome designers out there want to come make me over, I'm totally up for changing my answer!!”

BEAUTY PRODUCT: “This says a lot about my personal habits, but it's Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo. I have a bottle in my dressing room and a bottle at my apartment and a bottle in my gym bag. I hate washing my hair. This stuff makes me look less like a homeless person and more like I tried. Which I didn't. Plus it smells like lemon!”

APP: “Instagram. I think I check it approximately 5,365 times a day. Sometimes I check so often no one has posted any new photos and I get really upset.”

RANDOM OBSESSION: “Cooking my own dinner. Which is a little complicated on a Broadway just means I eat dinner at 11:30 at night. I love to find new recipes online or in magazines and then COMPLETELY ignore them and make up something sort of similar. My boyfriend is an amazing baker, and I'm terrible at that, because if you don't follow those recipes, you get a mess, but it works pretty well with tomato sauce and vegetables!!”

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