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Marry Me a Little - Off-Broadway

The Keen Company presents this revue of lesser known Sondheim songs.

Marry Me a Little Star Lauren Molina Loves Jon Stewart, Once, Coconut Water & More

Marry Me a Little Star Lauren Molina Loves Jon Stewart, Once, Coconut Water & More
Lauren Molina
Lauren Molina reveals the secret to perfect curls, lauds Judd Apatow and Seth McFarlane & more.

Stage stars know what’s hot in entertainment, fashion and pop culture, so decided it was high time to tap in to the after-hours obsessions of our favorite actors. This week, Lauren Molina, the soprano with a sense of humor now starring in Keen Company's off-Broadway revival of the Sondheim revue Marry Me a Little, shares her passion for AfroPunk music, Kristen Wiig, vacations in Berlin and more.

TV SHOW: Political Satire and Drama
“Recently, my top shows are Breaking Bad and Downton Abbey. The intensity of the drama and amazing acting blows me away. I have always loved The Colbert Report and The Daily Show, and lately it's been extra hilarious with all of the ridiculous political situations related to the upcoming election. Obama 2012!”

MOVIE: Mary and Max
“One movie that I discovered last year and always love to recommend is Mary and Max. It is so moving and sweet. It's a claymated Australian feature film that tells of two very different quirky people as pen pals, through black-comedy/drama. It makes you laugh and cry. Of course, on a more irreverent note, anything Judd Apatow or Will Ferrell create is up there for me.”

“Currently on Broadway, I'm obsessed with Once because it is the epitome of a love story, elegantly told through song, and simple, raw beauty. The actors are all brilliant, and you know I'm a fan of actors playing instruments. [Molina played cello on Broadway in Sweeney Todd.] I love The Book of Mormon because it's brilliant and makes me pee a little. Peter and the Starcatcher is imaginative, hilarious, joyful and inspiring.”

“Punch Brothers, Andrew Bird, Radiohead, Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple...too many obsessions. I will say, however, that Janelle Monae at the AfroPunk festival put on one of the most incredible live shows I've ever seen or heard. She makes me want to dance!”

BOOK: Griffin & Sabine
“My mom bought me this beautiful book called Griffin & Sabine by Nick Bantock. It's a short, magical tale, told through letters and postcards, assembled artfully. It's a special little book.”

ATHLETE: Seth McFarlane Channeling Ryan Lochte
“Seth McFarlane's impersonation of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte on Saturday Night Live. Seriously, Google and watch it. BRILLIANT.”

CELEBRITY: Kristen Wiig & Paul Rudd
“I just adore Kristen Wiig's sense of humor, her boldness and her intelligence. And Paul Rudd just always makes me happy.”

“Berlin. I love the city, the art, culture, friends. It's pretty epic.”

APP: Apps with Friends
“Post my obsession with Words with Friends came Hanging with Friends and now Scramble with Friends. I also love Instagram and Yelp. Friend me at lomo212.”

BEAUTY PRODUCT: Marc Anthony Curl Envy Cream
"My curls just can't be without it!"


RANDOM OBSESSION: Owls and Coconut Water
“I have a collection of little owls all around my apartment. I also drink coconut water like it's my job.”

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