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Katie Holmes Chows Down, Kristin Chenoweth Wants a Wicked Comeback & More Lessons of the Week

Katie Holmes Chows Down, Kristin Chenoweth Wants a Wicked Comeback & More Lessons of the Week
Katie Holmes, Idina Menzel and Patti LuPone made headlines this week!

Another week on Broadway has come and gone, and what a fantastic week it’s been! We got punked by Corey Cott, watched Audra and Will get hitched and have eaten eight kinds of delicious (and fattening) ice cream with Katie Holmes. Read on below to revisit the valuable Broadway lessons we've learned!

Katie Holmes Pigs Out at Rehearsal
After ditching that Tom whatever-his-name-is, Katie Holmes is back on the Broadway scene, starring opposite Norbert Leo Butz in Dead Accounts. While in rehearsal for Theresa Rebeck’s new play, director Jack O’Brien revealed a tasty tidbit about Holmes’ eating habits: Eight times a week, she’ll chow down on chili dogs and eight kinds of ice cream on stage. “We’re terrified that everyone’s going to put on too much weight,” O’Brien told Don’t worry Jack, if the cast is getting a little plump, we’re sure you’ll hear all about it in Suri’s Burn Book.

Julia Murney Dreams of Getting Super Close to Toni Collette
Although Julia Murney is starring in the off-Broadway drama Falling, fans can’t help but look ahead to her next musical. During her recent Ask A Star video, Murney said she would like to be conjoined in a revival of Side Show with Toni Collette. Both Murney and Collette starred as Queenie in simultaneous 2000 musical versions of The Wild Party. Heads up Caissie and Kacie, the Queenies are coming for your roles.

Patti LuPone Is a White House Klepto
Patti LuPone’s new YouTube reality series has us hooked! It’s got everything: cutthroat rehearsals, sleep masks, footage of Patti’s 178 assistants and dressers…and best of all, secret confessions! “I stole two ashtrays from the White House,” LuPone revealed in the second episode, then broke into a fit of laughter. Patti, we knew you were a scene-stealer, but we never expected this. No wonder Obama quit smoking—the poor guy probably doesn’t have any ashtrays left! 

Roger Bart Wants Revenge on the Producers of Rebecca
This week Revenge star Roger Bart revealed his scheme to get even with the producers of the ill-fated musical Rebecca. The Tony winner, who has played his share of slimeball dudes on the small screen, suggested “the poor cast of Rebecca” should guest star on the second season of Revenge. The cast could appear as a bunch (a super-huge bunch) of vacationing Hamptonites up to no good! Revenge is a dish best served on national TV, right? Though it might take Emily Thorne to figure out Bart's connection to Rebecca. Hmm! 

The Mother of Dragons Will Dine at Tiffany’s
As the Khaleesi or Mother of Dragons on HBO's Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke walked into fire, cared for twin dragons and married a killer, but now the gorgeous British starlet will face her scariest challenge yet: following Audrey Hepburn's footsteps as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Clarke will play Truman Capote’s iconic heroine in the upcoming Broadway adaptation. Here’s hoping Tiffany's “Moon River” doesn’t dampen any of Clarke’s fire.

That Weirdo at the Stage Door Could Be Corey Cott
Just when we thought Newsies star Corey Cott couldn’t get any more adorable, he stole our hearts with a mask and a dream. In his video blog, Cott went undercover at the Nederlander Theatre stage door—and the results were hilarious. While donning a ridiculous half pumpkin, half Obama mask (you have to see it to believe it), Cott found out what people really think about the hit musical and his own performance. Turns out people have no problem opening up to a stranger in a pea coat and pumpkin mask. Go figure!  

Idina Menzel Only Strips from the Ankle Down
This week caught up with singer, actress, songwriter, mother and all-around gorgeous diva Idina Menzel, and the Tony winner admitted she has trouble juggling her many talents. “I have a hard time whenever it says ‘occupation’ on a form,” she told “I used to write ‘entertainer,’ but then it started to sound like I was a stripper.” A stripper? Gotta get a gimmick! Wait, she has one: bare feet.

Audra McDonald + Will Swenson = True Love Forever
Longtime Broadway sweethearts Audra McDonald and Will Swenson finally tied the knot this week, and we couldn’t be happier for the blushing bride and her new husband (who, on an unrelated note, happens to look great in platform heels). Mazel tov! Congratulations! Felicidades! All that jazz! But we think we speak for the wee posse when we ask: Is there any leftover cake? Where is it? Can we have some now? We know it’s right before dinnertime, but we promise we’ll still be hungry. Pleeeassssse?

Kristin Chenoweth Wants to Conquer the Role of a Lifetime
When asked readers which iconic performer’s memoir should become a Broadway solo show, Kristin Chenoweth's A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love and Faith in Stages won by a landslide. Editor-in-Chief Paul Wontorek tweeted the new show idea to the Tony-winning diva herself, and…guess what? She’s in! “I WOULD LOVE to do this,” Chenoweth tweeted back. “And it would be an honor.” We knew if we worked hard enough, we’d get you back on a marquee that reads Wicked one way or another.

Sarah Brightman Shoots for the Moon
Since her star turn as the original Christine Daae in The Phantom of the Opera, Sarah Brightman has been showing off her, uh, celestial side. When Brightman released her dreamy concept album (and subsequent moon-themed Vegas show) La Luna, we knew she was out-of-this-world, but the singer really surprised us when she shelled out a whopping $51 million of her hard-earned cash (well, ex-hubby Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hard-earned cash) for a seat on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Ground control to Sarah Brightman: you don’t need a fancy trip to the moon to prove you’re a space cadet.

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