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Bonnie & Clyde - Broadway

Legendary outlaws take the Broadway stage in this new musical by Frank Wildhorn.

Laura Osnes Dons a Beret and Offers Pointers on Becoming 'Sexy, Dangerous' Bonnie Parker for Halloween

Laura Osnes Dons a Beret and Offers Pointers on Becoming 'Sexy, Dangerous' Bonnie Parker for Halloween
Laura Osnes (with Jeremy Jordan) as Bonnie Parker in 'Bonnie & Clyde'
'Be flirtatious yet tough; feminine yet strong.'

If you've already defied gravity on Halloween as Elphaba or spooned out sugary medicine as Mary Poppins, it's time to consider a hot new Broadway-themed costume! This year, decided to go straight to the stars of some of your favorite musicals for detailed guidance in creating the eye-catching outfits they've worn on stage eight times a week. Next up, Broadway sweetheart Laura Osnes (who will head back to the Great White Way in January 2013 in Cinderella), explains exactly what’s needed to scare up some fun as the glamour gal who earned her a 2012 Best Actress Tony nomination, Bonnie Parker from Bonnie & Clyde.

Why would Bonnie make a good Halloween costume?
She's beautiful, sexy and dangerous. Perfect Halloween combination.
Please list THREE essential elements to create the costume and tell us WHY each of the three things is important.
1. You must wear some shade of red. All my costumes for the show were either peachy-pink, rose-colored or maroon. Red hair/wig gets extra points!
2. A beret, of course—Bonnie's signature item of clothing!
3. A bag of money (Bonnie was rarely the one with the gun). Or, a cigar, like from Bonnie's famous picture (though she never smoked cigars either).
What’s the key behavior or attitude needed to be believable as Bonnie?
Be flirtatious yet tough; feminine yet strong. Recite poetry with a southern accent.
What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?
I was a cowgirl three years in a row.
What’s your best or worst Halloween memory?
I'm from Minnesota and one year there was a blizzard on Halloween. We had to wear snowsuits under our costumes with heavy jackets over top and we were still cold. Not fun.
What will your costume be this year?
I'm dressing up my dog instead!


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