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Ricky Martin and Elena Roger star in Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic.

Evita's Christina DeCicco on How to Be the 'Center of Attention' as Eva Peron This Halloween

Evita's Christina DeCicco on How to Be the 'Center of Attention' as Eva Peron This Halloween
Christina DeCicco as Eva Peron
'[Eva] wanted all eyes on her and she was not afraid of a little controversy!'

If you’re too old to don Annie’s red wig and you’re looking for a little more glamour than Grizabella's whiskers, it’s time to consider a hot new Broadway costume. This year, decided to go straight to the stars of some of your favorite current shows for detailed guidance in creating the eye-catching outfits they wear on stage. Evita alternate Christina DeCicco, who plays Argentina's charismatic First Lady Eva Peron at the Palace Theatre on Wednesday evenings and Saturday matinees, gives us the inside scoop on how to create the “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” costume worn by Eva Peron. And remember, no Evita costume is complete without the signature arm pose!

Why would Eva Peron make a good Halloween costume?
Because Eva is the iconic power woman! If you want to make a statement and be the center of attention, Eva is the way to go. Strong, sexy, savvy—how can you go wrong? Plus, she is so mysterious. What do we actually know about her life? And, since it’s Halloween, what do we actually know about her death? Also, no one will have to ask, "And who are you dressed up as?"

Please list three essential elements to create the Balcony costume (can include wig or accessories) and tell us WHY each of the three things is important.
Of course, you need the white ball gown—the bigger and the more ornate, the better. Most people think that if you want to cause a stir or be sexy that you should dress in red or black. But, if you think about it, who can pull off showing up to an event in white? Eva could...and did. Secondly, you cannot be Eva without her pulled back blonde hair. She notoriously kept long hours and needed a look that could easily go from extremely early mornings to very late nights. Her hairdresser came up with the sleek chignon and she became known for it. Lastly, but definitely not to be discounted, are the jewels! Eva loved her jewelry. Rings, earrings, necklaces—you name it. Diamonds were absolutely Eva's best friend!

What’s the key behavior or attitude needed to be believable as this character?
Confidence, confidence, and some more confidence. Eva broke all the molds. She defied all expectations and rules. She wanted all eyes on her and she was not afraid of a little controversy!

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?
One year I was a butterfly. It was just a light blue leotard with a matching ballet skirt, tights and blue wings, but my mom made it all sparkly and beautiful. I just thought it was incredible. And I liked wearing the sparkly antennas!

What’s your best or worst Halloween memory?
Each year my mother would make me wear a white turtleneck under my Halloween costume. None of my friends' parents seem to be concerned with the cold, but in our house it was a yearly argument. She always threatened to make me wear my coat and I never wanted to cover my costume, so the white turtleneck made an appearance every year! (Yes, even under the butterfly costume!)

What will your costume be this year?
We have an 8 PM show on Halloween, and since it's a Wednesday evening, I will be Eva for the night. As for real-life Halloween, I'm not sure yet. Maybe I'll draw some inspiration from other Broadway shows: Charlie Chaplin? A Jersey Girl? Elf? There are certainly a lot of great options to choose from!


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