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Kazee Uncensored! Our Favorite Tweets, Instagram Photos and #SIP from’s 2012 Star of the Year

Kazee Uncensored! Our Favorite Tweets, Instagram Photos and #SIP from’s 2012 Star of the Year
Check out our favorite Steve Kazee tweets from 2012!

When 2012 Star of the Year Steve Kazee isn’t delivering a passionate, heart-wrenching performance as Guy in the hit musical Once, he’s busy sharing insights about owls, waxing poetic about his love life and, of course, posting hilarious #SIP (Saturday Intermission Pics) on Twitter. Check out our very favorite Kazee Instagram photos, plus tweets covering everything from his lack of “Gangnam Style” knowledge to his thrilling Once opening night.


“Every year my New Year's Resolution is don’t make resolutions. That way I’m always successful and never disappointed in myself!”

“I'm not complaining that most of the criticism is wondering if I am ugly enough to be lonely. I just find it an odd thing to focus on.”

“I've worked out every day of my trip for 2 weeks and still I've put on weight. HA! I love food! Good thing I've got a month til ‪@OnceMusical‬.”

“Is it insane that Robyns "Body Talk"/"Robyn" are getting me through my life right now? I mean that so sincerely! Never thought I'd say that.”


“Yeah, I like what? Big deal? Wanna fight about it? ‪#KazeeLikesMeSomeBeatz‬”

“In the next three weeks I plan on ripping the walls out of this gym! I won't be stopped! ‪#beast‬ ‪#drive‬”

“If you subscribe to ‪@voguemagazine‬ and have your March issue already you will see my face in there with a nice note from Anna Wintour.”

“I can honestly say I have never experienced a curtain call like the one ‪@OnceMusical‬ got last night. Surreal and so humbling. Thank you!!”


“Left turn from politics tweet: this is so the year of the Sloth and I called it way back in December. ‪#justsayin.”

“I am getting crushed in the ‪ leading men poll. At least it's by Ricky Martin though. ‪#lavidaloca‬‬”

“I lack clarity of mind or sufficient words to tell you all what tonight meant to me. To those who were there in flesh and spirit. Thank you!”

“The disdain on the faces of restaurant staffs for a party of one is palpable. Yeah... I'm dining alone. Don't make it more uncomfortable.”


“Heard that ‪@OnceMusical‬ mentioned my mom after the show tonight. Thank you guys so much. I'll be back as soon as I can. Much love to all.” [Kazee’s mother passed away on April 8, 2012 after a battle with breast cancer.]

“I have 420 Instagram followers and I hope I don't lose 1 or gain 1...because I am a 15 year old apparently.”

“What's my dream job? Daily Show correspondent! How does one get that job I wonder? I think I'd do well at it.”


“There simply aren't sufficient words to express my feelings this morning. I am so grateful to be included in this years ‪@TheTonyAwards‬ class.”

“Top 2 questions from yesterday, 1. Who will you be wearing to the Tonys? 2. Who will you be taking with you? ‪#IShouldProbablyFigureThatOut‬”

‪“@ZooeyDeschanel‬ if there is any justice in the world this ol KY boy will be lucky enough to be on a Bway stage with you.”

“So you can see..Zooey came. She was incredibly kind and incredibly awesome but I am still in need of a Tony date. I've got ideas...”

“Sometimes I forget how oddly unique my last name is and then I write it out and I'm flummoxed. Wish I knew its origins.”


“In true fashion…I have the NBA Playoffs on TV and Drama Desks on Comp. GO ‪@OnceMusical‬ and ‪@celtics‬”

“It’s 3:43am, ‪@OnceMusical‬ won 8 Tonys, and I won one of them. There are no words. I love you all. Thank you for your support! ‪#daretodream‬”

“It finally happened..I am old..I’ve no idea who Carly Rae Jepsen is and no idea how ‘Call Me Maybe’ goes. Social Security here I come! ‪#old‬”

“If there were ever a question as to whether I am a bachelor or not just come look in my fridge…mustard, almond milk, and leftover sushi…ha!”

“I am finally ready to start getting my tattoos! Just need to find an artist now.”


‪“#youknowyoureanerdwhen‬ you cry over evidence of the discovery of theorized Higgs Boson Particle. It's hard to comprehend the magnitude.”

“Dear ‪@OnceMusical‬ fans, I may not get a chance to answer you always but make no mistake…I love you all so much. You fill me up with love!!”

“I gotta get to work on my debut hip hop/r&b album. The people want the music. I gotta give it.”


“Okay photoshop friends. Can someone put my face on Jon Snow from Game of Thrones? Bonus points if you get a direwolf in it. New profile pic!”

“Smoothies with best friend, old friends at show, John Locke backstage after, and your gf surprises you with a trip to NYC. Best. Day. Ever.”

“Way to go ‪@MarsCuriosity‬ I LOVE SCIENCE!!!”

“Auck Fllergies!!”


“In the past twenty minutes i’ve bitched about not knowing what ‘gangnam style’ is and put on Chicago’s Greatest Hits. i’m old. ‪#getoffmylawn‬”

“Headed off to perform at Broadway on Broadway in Times Square! ‪#seeyouthere‬ ‪#alldayeveryday‬”

“Learn to embrace the ticking of time. It only flows in one direction and by clinging to time passed you will surely waste the time to come.”

“Train car emergency brake was pulled, people next to me doing Jell-O shots, was 25 mins late to ‪@OnceMusical‬ but i am still gonna rock it!”

“Between show nap dream: i was cast as lion-o in a live action movie of Thundercats. can this be a reality? i’m talking to you Hollywood.”


“First night back ‪@OnceMusical‬ in a very long time. does anyone know the chords to falling slowly? can’t wait to sling siobhan around my neck”

Dark Knight Rises IMAX? why yes I do believe I will. Can’t believe it has taken me this long. I should have my Batman fan club pass revoked.”

“Hello sunday night…food, audition sides, new episode of ‪@SHO_Homeland‬, and pjs….perfection.”

“I wonder if the inventor of the tennis ball ever dreamed of what their invention would mean to dogs. ‪#love‬ ‪#goodnightwednesday‬”


“I'm reading Owls of the United States and Canada: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior are you? You should be. Owlaholics unite!”

“Owlaholic is an actual thing of the fascinating insights of the book. I'm definitely one. There's a certain type drawn to owls.”

“Getting stronger all the time. That 0.001 run from yesterday is long forgotten when compared to my 0.01 run today. ‪#livestrong‬ ‪#beast‬”

“In other news...I'm moving to Colorado!!!”

"Hey ‪@ColumbiaRecords‬ and ‪@SonyMasterworks‬. Let's make a record! Interested?"


“Confession: I have never seen a full episode of Seinfeld.”

"Other than finding out you have Lyme disease it was a pretty good day"—I love my friends for helping make me feel better.”

“Finally met ‪@billyraycyrus‬ backstage ‪@BCEFA‬ Gypsy of the year. Eastern KY entertainment finally collides.”

‪“@AudraEqualityMc‬ ‪@davidalangrier‬ ‪@JeremyMJordan‬ congrats to us and our shows! ‪#GRAMMYNoms‬"

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