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Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Makes a Magical Return to TV’s Bunheads

Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Makes a Magical Return to TV’s Bunheads
Sutton Foster in 'Bunheads'
Sutton Foster makes a triumphant return to TV's 'Bunheads' a magician's assistant.

She’s ba-ack! Two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster returns to the small screen as dance teacher Michelle Simms on Bunheads—but in this week's new episode, she’s not giving invaluable lessons to her students or swapping snappy repartee with her mother-in-law Fanny (Tony winner Kelly Bishop). After accidentally macing everyone during a performance of The Nutcracker, Michelle skips town, moves in with her old Vegas showgirl pal Talia and takes a low-rent job as a magician’s assistant. Meanwhile, a video of “the mace incident” goes viral on YouTube, and Fanny and the ballerinas realize they’re lost without Michelle. Check out the best moments from the new episode below. Welcome back, Sutton!

Michelle’s New Gig: Magician’s Assistant in Henderson, Nevada

The Ballerinas’ New Lives:
Ginny: Fill-In Realtor
Boo: Babysitter
Melanie: Oyster Bar regular
Sasha: “A” Student at the Joffrey Summer Program

Michelle’s Take on Henderson, NV: "You don’t know pathetic ‘til you’ve been pitied by a Henderson hooker. Actually, there are no official Henderson hookers, they’re just Laughlin hookers passing through who stopped to use the bathroom and thought, 'Well, as long as I’m here…'"

Fanny’s Take on Henderson: "I have to tell you, I haven’t driven to a place this charming since the city gave us curbside recycling bins."

Michelle’s Rant on Magic Shows: "It’s completely redundant, you know, your catch phrase, 'You wanna see something?' The very fact that they came to see a show means they wanna see something. They’re here. They came here. You don’t need to keep asking them over and over if they wanna see something. Plus, your sign says “want to” and you keep saying “wanna,” so you’re not even mimicking the ridiculous sign you put up there."

Fanny’s Drink Order: "Take this martini back and bring one that actually has gin in it, please."

Best Banter:
Fanny: "An older gentleman answered the door, is he yours?"
Michelle: "No, he’s Talia’s."
Fanny: "Talia’s father?"
Michelle: "Talia’s…daddy."
Fanny: "Well, we had a lovely conversation about Eisenhower and your hoo-hah."

Dancing Tunes: "It’s Oh So Quiet," "It’s Time to Dance" (viral YouTube song)

Fanny’s (Almost) Touching Moment: "People told me daughters were harder. I just thought it was because they could get pregnant."

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