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Is Tom Hooper Working on an Extended Director's Cut of Les Misérables?

Is Tom Hooper Working on an Extended Director's Cut of Les Misérables?
Isabelle Allen and Hugh Jackman in 'Les Misérables'
Director Tom Hooper is considering releasing an extended version of 'Les Misérables.'

If making it through the epic Les Misérables film without a bathroom break was a challenge the first time around, moviegoers may want to prep themselves for a supersized version of Les Miz. An extended director’s cut of the film could be in the works, featuring scenes that were deleted from the original film, according to

“If there’s interest in the community of fans of the musical then I would definitely consider it,” director Tom Hooper said of the potential director’s cut, but admitted the re-editing process could be daunting. “I used to think definitely I would do a longer version, [but] having been through the oil tanker this thing is, to wrestle it to where we got it, I’m aware that the moment you go ‘Let’s go back in,’ it’s not a simple process.”

Although Hooper intends to add an additional 15 or 20 minutes of deleted scenes to the existing film, he does not plan to revert back to his original cut, a self-proclaimed “four hour spectacular” that includes a 15-minute long battle sequence. The prospect of an extended Les Miz is exciting, but fans hoping to see deleted scenes on the film’s DVD special features may be disappointed. “I want to give myself the option of the extended version,” he said, adding that any deleted scenes would ultimately be saved for the director’s cut.

Until a new extended Les Miz becomes official, watch Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Aaron Tveit and more tackle the musical's infectious score in the original film trailer below!

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