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Welcome to the Hamptons! Caissie Levy, Donna Murphy & Jeremy Jordan Lead Our Fantasy Cast for Revenge: The Musical

Welcome to the Hamptons! Caissie Levy, Donna Murphy & Jeremy Jordan Lead Our Fantasy Cast for Revenge: The Musical dream casts 'Revenge' as a musical.

It may be winter in Manhattan, but things in the Hamptons sure are heating up thanks to ABC’s popular nighttime soap Revenge. This Sunday night guilty pleasure follows Emily Thorne (born Amanda Clarke) in her unstoppable quest for revenge against the Hamptons’ most distinguished family, the Graysons. Now in its second season, the show still has us on the edge of our seats, and so naturally our Broadway brains couldn’t help but devise how this killer saga would translate on stage. Below are our dream picks for the original Broadway cast of Revenge.

Caissie Levy as Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke (played onscreen by Emily VanCamp)
Ghost and Hair star Caissie Levy is the perfect actress to bring the complex character of Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke to life on stage. Levy has the beauty and sex appeal for Emily’s society scenes and the fierce determination and badass bod for the physically demanding revenge sequences. (Few, of course, can rival her impressive set of pipes.) Save a slot for her big Tony number, “The Red X Will Find You.”

Donna Murphy as Victoria Grayson (played onscreen by Madeleine Stowe)
Cold and calculating socialite Victoria Grayson is known as “the Queen of the Hamptons.” The main target of Emily’s revenge, Victoria quashes her enemies with an icy, condescending smile. For this plum role, we nominate two-time Tony winner Donna Murphy. Murphy proved in Into the Woods that no one plays a glamorous witch better than she does, and just imagine her powerhouse duets with Levy!

Marc Kudisch as Conrad Grayson (played onscreen by Henry Czerny)
Victoria’s billionaire tycoon husband Conrad is the evil mastermind behind the plot that killed Emily’s father, David Clarke, and wrongly branded him a terrorist. Conrad is sexy, powerful and ruthless, a perfect combination for Tony nominee Marc Kudisch, Broadway's favorite bad boss (see: 9 to 5, Thoroughly Modern Millie, plus a stint as the snake in The Apple Tree). Plus, the Murphy/Kudisch pairing is too delicious to resist.

Jeremy Jordan as Daniel Grayson (played onscreen by Josh Bowman)
Audiences are used to seeing Jeremy Jordan as brooding, blue-collar bad boys (Bonnie & Clyde, Smash, Newsies, West Side Story), but we’d love to explore a different side of this Tony nominee. So, we nominate him to play dashing Grayson Global heir (and love interest to Emily Thorne), Daniel Grayson. The role gives Jordan plenty to get angry about, but this time he does it in a designer tuxedo.

Steve Kazee as Jack Porter (played onscreen by Nick Wechsler)
As Emily’s childhood love, Jack Porter, Once heartthrob Steve Kazee would bring out the best in the sensitive bartender who strives to always do the right thing and attracts women without seeming to try. There's a naivete to Jack that Kazee could portray well—and who else but this Tony winner would any girl even consider leaving Jeremy Jordan for?

Hunter Parrish as Nolan Ross (played onscreen by Gabriel Mann)
Godspell, Spring Awakening and Weeds star Hunter Parrish seems like a fine choice for Nolan Ross, the edgy computer geek, mega-millionaire and Emily Thorne’s closest ally. Perhaps there could even be a meeting of the Spring Awakening Melchiors and Tony nominee Jonathan Groff could play Nolan’s disturbed love interest from season one, Tyler Barrol.

Nikki M. James as Ashley Davenport (played onscreen by Ashley Madekwe)
As social climbing PR whiz Ashley Davenport, Tony winner Nikki M. James would bring just the right amount of sex appeal, desperation and backstabbing. We bet Ashley’s designer duds would be a pleasant change from James’ raggedy Book of Mormon ensembles, and this Broadway beauty could have fun showing off her poker face.

Tommy Bracco as Declan Porter (played onscreen by Connor Paolo)
Newsies' Tommy Bracco may be more beefy than the actor who plays barback-turned-Grayson beau Declan, but this Broadway newbie would bring blue-collar charm to the role of a little brother who just can't seem to stay out of trouble. As Declan, he would would provide the right amount of street cred to a character Victoria dismisses as being from the wrong side of the tracks.

Elle McLemore as Charlotte Grayson (played onscreen by Christa B. Allen)
Lovely Charlotte, Declan’s girlfriend and the illegitimate daughter of Victoria Grayson and David Clarke, has all the makings of musical theater fan favorite: a drug problem, an identity crisis and a heart of gold. Who better to bring this fabulous creature to life than Bring It On standout Elle McLemore? Let’s see her trade her pom poms for Louboutin pumps.

Richard Fleeshman as Aiden Mathis (played onscreen by Barry Sloane)
No one can resist a Ghost reunion, and that's one reason why we cast Richard Fleeshman as trained assassin and Emily Thorne’s third love interest, Aiden Mathis. This season two character is still pretty mysterious, but he oozes confidence and is super hot, so Fleeshman is more than qualified for the job. 

Jennifer Damiano as Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne (played onscreen by Margarita Levieva)
In the backstory of Revenge, juvenile detention cellmates Amanda Clarke and Emily Thorne switched identities. The real Amanda went on to become killer socialite Emily Thorne, while the real Emily wore a variety of hats, from stripper to murderer and now Jack's baby mama. In this juicy role, we imagine Next to Normal and Spider-Man star Jennifer Damiano, who can embody this unhinged femme fatale in all her musical glory.

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