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Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster’s Big Brother Hunter Pays a Visit to Paradise on Bunheads

Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster’s Big Brother Hunter Pays a Visit to Paradise on Bunheads
Hunter Foster & Sutton Foster in 'Bunheads'
Sutton Foster enjoys a visit from her real-life brother on 'Bunheads.'

On this week’s episode of Bunheads, dance teacher Michelle (played by two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster) has a very special visitor—her brother, Scotty (played by Foster’s real-life brother, fellow Broadway vet Hunter Foster...and yes, they sing together)! While Michelle and Scotty play the ukulele and reminisce, Melanie takes up roller derby to channel her anger, Ginny braces herself for her dad’s wedding and Boo is stuck with babysitting duty. Check out the best moments from the new episode!

Biggest Diva Award: Jordan, the temperamental ballet teacher (played by Kent Boyd from So You Think You Can Dance)

Jordan’s Ballet Lesson: “Focus, okay? Without focus, your life is going to be jumping from one alcoholic boyfriend to another. Is that what you want?”

Ginny’s Mom’s Signature Drink: A Gay Marine (“You just muddle some mint leaves and some lime with cane sugar and orange liqueur and then you add some ice and some rum and you top it all with apple juice.”)

Unexcused Absence: Fanny is missing in this week’s episode. What would she think of Scotty’s unannounced visit? Sasha is mentioned, but also never makes an appearance.

Best Subtle Broadway Reference
Michelle: I thought you were in Madison.
Scotty: Well, a funny thing happened on the way to Madison.

Melanie’s Roller Derby Nickname: Cleo-Smacktra

Melanie’s Opponents: Bam Bam McGee, Groan of Arc, and Scary Skate and Crashley Olsen

Michelle’s Gripe About Cozette: “Who brings their brother with them everywhere they go? Oh, hey Scotty. This is my brother, Scotty.”

Brother-Sister Ukulele Duet: “Tonight You Belong to Me” by Billy Rose and Lee David

Jordan’s Lecture: “Do not look weak. Baryshnikov never looked weak. Even on Sex and the City, the man never looked weak!”

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