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Survival of the Smashest: Ranking Every Musical Number from the Season Two Premiere

Survival of the Smashest: Ranking Every Musical Number from the Season Two Premiere
Jeremy Jordan in 'Smash'
Watch all of the musical numbers from the season premiere of 'Smash.'

Have you had time to breathe since the Broadway-centric Smash season two premiere last night? The toe-tapping musical numbers from the two-hour-long epiosde are still replaying in our heads! The double-whammy episodes “On Broadway” and “The Fallout” were jam-packed with great performances, from Megan Hilty’s poll-winning 11 o’clock number to Jennifer Hudson’s big ol’ Broadway showstopper. Did you miss them? You are not alone. Catch all the musical numbers below ranked from fab to meh!

1. Megan Hilty’s “They Just Keep Moving The Line”
Tradition says to save the best for last, and boy, did Smash save the best for last indeed with Hilty’s so-good-it’s-criminal performance. Ivy rescued Bombshell, and Hilty reminded us why she’s so freaking incredible.

2. Jeremy Jordan’s “Broadway, Here I Come”
Jeremy Jordan’s first number was a slow-burn ballad that introduced the Tony nominee to the television-viewing public. We’re pretty sure that the public’s first reaction was “Woah.”

3. Jennifer Hudson’s “Mama Makes Three”
In which Jennifer Hudson proved that she is exactly what this show has been missing: a bona fide diva who can bring the house down. We also thoroughly enjoyed Broadway's Brenda Braxton going absolutely crackers.

4. Derek’s high-heel hallucination, “Would I Lie To You?”
Camp, camp, camp! There’s something about tight black dresses and high pink heels that made this dream sequence a total knockout—even if we rolled our eyes the entire time.

5. Katharine McPhee’s “Cut, Print… Moving On”
The season premiere kicked off with McPhee’s glitzy production number, which seems to confirm the fact that the Bombshell score has, like, 40 songs.

6. Jennifer Hudson and Katharine McPhee’s “On Broadway”
This little duet between JHud and KatMcP was cute, but it didn’t stand out against the episode’s more smashing (sorry) numbers.

7. Katharine McPhee's “Caught in the Storm”
The good news? Broadway composers Benj Pasek and Justin Paul wrote the song! The bad news? Karen sang it.

8. Megan Hilty's “Don’t Dream It’s Over”
You can’t blame Hilty for trying to salvage this boring audition number, which was about as exciting as Julia's endless moping.

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